Tahith Chong's Signature Sunglasses Game with Essntl Frames

Tahith Chong's Signature Sunglasses Game with Essntl Frames

Tahith Chong, the dynamic Dutch football star, is known for his prowess on the field for clubs such as Manchester United, Birmingham City and Luton Town. But his influence doesn't stop there; he's making a strong fashion statement, and it all begins with his custom Essntl Frames sunglasses display case with his favourite frames.

Tahith Chong's eyewear collection is nothing short of impressive, but two pairs stand out: the Chunky frames in Black and the Cali Wood sunglasses in Brown. These Essntl Frames sunglasses have become an integral part of his signature look. The Chunky sunglasses exude a bold and edgy vibe, while the Cali Wood sunglasses offer a more laid-back and timeless appeal.

Chunky - Black: The chunky frame and dark tinted lenses make a bold statement, and Chong wears them with a confidence. Whether he's stepping out for a casual day or a high-profile event, these sunglasses elevate his look.

Cali Wood - Brown: On the flip side, Tahith Chong's Cali Wood sunglasses in brown exude timeless elegance. With their wooden frame accents and warm brown lenses, they provide a luxury touch to his fashion ensemble. These sunglasses are a versatile choice for both sunny football training sessions and laid-back outings.

Tahith Chong's style evolution is a testament to the power of eyewear accessories that will elevate your look.

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